A knee walker is a steerable wheeled walker device that allows you to take weight off your lower extremities in order to assist you in the healing process. It is also commonly called a knee roller, knee scooter, or knee coaster and allows you to “roll about” while giving your injured leg or foot some support to prevent further injury. This device enables patients to take the force of walking and standing through the knee instead of through the involved foot or ankle, or through the arms in the case of crutches.

A knee walker is commonly used in the substitution of crutches because crutches can promote further injury and are not comfortable for some people. Crutches are slowly becoming obsolete with some people because they are not convenient, sometimes difficult to use and some people suffer from arthritis and other health related issues, which makes it painful for them to use crutches on a normal basis.

People who have foot, ankle or lower leg injuries are the ones who most commonly use a knee walker. Knee Walkers at our Westlake Village store are designed for weight-bearing relief which would aid you in your recovery, or at least make the process a lot easier.

As with all medical devices, it is important to fit the Knee Walker appropriately to avoid further injuries. The height of the knee platform should be adjusted to the level of the knee in a natural standing position to avoid hip strain or discomfort. To move forward, the patient alternates between stepping on the “good” foot and rolling on the involved side where the knee takes the force.

Finally, there has been some recent evidence that the extensive use of a knee walker with the knee in a bent position for a prolonged period of time may increase the rate of blood clot formation (DVT) in the leg. This in theory makes some sense given that keeping the knee in a bent position for a prolonged period without contracting the muscles may predispose to the development of a blood clot. Due to this possibility, it may be advisable to only keep the knee on the walker when traveling from one place to another. Regularly taking the knee off the walker and straightening the knee is unlikely a good habit when using the knee walker.

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