Many people living with diabetes have a need to regularly check their blood sugar.  Blood glucose monitors (glucometers) measure the amount of glucose (sugar) in whole blood. When the blood glucose monitor analyzes blood, a value can be determined for the glucose level in the sample.

Diabetes is a disease that makes patients have too much sugar in their blood. That is why some people may refer to their disease as “high blood sugar.” Diabetes affects the way a person’s body uses food for energy. All of the billions of cells in the human body need energy, and this energy comes from food. The human body needs insulin to use food for energy. Diabetes is a disease in which a person’s body either makes no insulin, insufficient insulin, or is unable to use the insulin produced. Without enough insulin, too much sugar stays in the blood. Sugar cannot be converted to energy and used by the cells.

There are two major types of diabetes, Type 1 and Type 2. Patients with Type 1 diabetes produce no insulin and need to have insulin injections daily. Type 2 diabetic patients do not make enough insulin or the body cannot use the insulin they make. Type 2 patients may control their blood sugar with exercise and diet alone, may need diabetic pills to control their sugar, or may need to take insulin shots to keep their sugar under control.

Home blood glucose monitors are used in the home, and any other place, where there is a need to monitor blood glucose levels. The blood glucose levels in the human body play an important role in regulating how the body functions. If the blood glucose level is too high or too low the patient’s medical condition deteriorates. Insulin is the naturally occurring hormone that regulates the use of glucose for energy and metabolism. In individuals where there is either a deficiency in the availability of insulin or the insulin that is present isn’t being utilized normally, monitoring of blood glucose levels alerts the individual to not only what their glucose level is, but with training, what actions to take to control it. By controlling their blood glucose, individuals can live more productive and longer lives.

In Westlake Village CA, Blood glucose monitors come in many brands with varying features; however, the needs of the patient should be evaluated before setting up any monitor. It is not a best practice to assume that one glucose monitor can meet every customer’s needs. It is best to check with your physician to fully understand your needs and requirements.

Most glucose monitors are able to read glucose levels over a broad range of values from as low as 0 to as high as 600 mg/dL (milligrams per deciliter). Since the range is different among monitors the interpretation of very high or low values should be made very carefully. Glucose readings are not linear over their entire range. If a user gets an extremely high or low reading from their monitor, they should first confirm it with another reading before taking corrective action. It is also important to consider checking the monitor’s calibration.

To be accurate, some monitors need regular cleaning with soap and water using only a dampened soft cloth to avoid damage to sensitive parts. Do not use alcohol (unless recommended in the manufacturer’s instructions), cleansers with ammonia, glass cleaners, or abrasive cleaners. Some monitors do not require regular cleaning but contain electronic alerts indicating when they should be cleaned.

Many of today’s blood glucose monitors check the calibration by using the control strips, chips, or solutions. Some new models don’t require any calibration. Once you know how to operate the unit, you should shift to making sure you know how to operate the lancing device and the lancets. There are many types of lancing devices, ranging from superfine needles to laser piercing. Once you know how to use the supplies, you can then take a blood glucose sample.

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