Comfort Power Lifting Chairs for Elderly in 2022

Power Lifting Chair For Seniors

Often people who get older are less able to get out of sitting posture. Why do people not use the chairs that they use? Power Lifts provide non-complication but also help with standing positions. Powe...

The Best Electric Scooters For The Handicapped, Elderly and Adults – Mobility Scooters 2022


A complete guide on picking a dedicated mobility scooter for the disabled serves the intent you need. Mobility scooters are a great substitute for a wheelchair and promising for people with limited mo...

Ultimate Guide to Pick Comfortable Hospital Beds For Home Use in 2022

Hospital Beds for Home Use

Selecting a hospital bed is a substantial choice to address as a patient or a person having medical disabilities. Different types of hospital beds are available with variable features and functionalit...


Who Needs It and Why Do I Need Home Medical Equipment?


Home/Durable Medical Equipment (DME) was created to assist with a function or set of functions.  A wheelchair isn’t designed specifically for someone with paralysis, but those with the condition can b...


Will Medicare Cover a Powered Wheelchair?


As power wheelchairs can be very expensive, it has some unique and stringent requirements put in place by Medicare.  Below are 5 requirements to potentially qualify under Medicare for a power wheelcha...


Buy or Rent Home Medical Equipment thru Medicare


Some of the Home Medical Equipment (HME) items available at our store are covered as a purchase while others you are only able to rent. However, with the exception of oxygen equipment, after 13 months...


What is Covered and What is Not by Medicare and Insurance


Medicare coverage requirements vary by need and by type of Home Medical Equipment (“HME”) product. HME comes in many forms and variety.  Depending upon your healthcare need, your physician...


The Best Nebulizers – Simple to use, cost effective and durable


A compressor nebulizer is an aerosol-generating machine that delivers a fixed, low-pressure airflow that is used to aerosolize medications in a small volume nebulizer. The aerosolized medication, whic...


What you Should Know about Medical Lift Chairs


Lift chairs are recliner-type chairs that have a seat lift mechanism built into the base. This lifting and lowering ability is designed to provide assistance in getting to a standing position from a s...


Homecare and Hospital Beds – How are they Different?


Hospital and homecare beds, or more appropriately named adjustable beds, are designed for patients with a medical need to have their body position changed frequently or the head of their bed to be ele...