Home/Durable Medical Equipment (DME) was created to assist with a function or set of functions.  A wheelchair isn’t designed specifically for someone with paralysis, but those with the condition can benefit from it. The wheelchair also benefits those with broken hips or legs, allowing it to assist with a wider range of conditions.

In most cases, you will know when you or your one needs home medical equipment. A broken limb and other emergency health situations are easy ones to know that you may need orthotic product such as splint, cervical collar or a brace. However, it’s more difficult to know when the symptoms of impairment show slowly, and the need for DME isn’t immediately apparent.

This is why it’s important to see a physician as soon as possible if you or your loved one is struggling to walk from one room to another, showing gradual symptoms of respiratory distress, etc. Sometimes these observations play a key role in maintaining your quality of life as you age.

The need for DME will depend on your condition, functionality, and the severity of the impairments. These factors will help your physician determine which type of DME is best for the situation. A doctor may prescribe a wheelchair for someone with a broken hip, but a cane and/or crutches for someone with a sprained ankle.

As some health conditions develop over time and the physician cannot see everything that’s changed in between the patient’s visit, it’s important for you to be honest and provide an accurate description of the pain levels and your ability to function in order for your physician to determine which type of DME may best suit your needs.

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