A compressor nebulizer is an aerosol-generating machine that delivers a fixed, low-pressure airflow that is used to aerosolize medications in a small volume nebulizer. The aerosolized medication, which is now a fine mist, is inhaled into the lungs where it can work directly. By delivering medications directly to the lungs, the medication can work more quickly, and smaller doses can be used.

Nebulizers are considered a medical device and cannot be rented or sold without a prescription. Nebulizers are commonly used for the administration of bronchodilators, antibiotics, mucus thinning, or anti-asthma medications. Compressor nebulizers come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and airflow outputs.


Stationary Nebulizers

Stationary units require electrical power and are generally the only units that insurance companies cover. These types of nebulizers are for use at home or a place where you can plug your machine into the wall.

Portable Nebulizers

Portable compressor nebulizers have internal batteries for portable use, and may also have the ability to be used while plugged into an electrical outlet. Most insurance companies consider battery power to be a convenience and thus, not medically necessary.


In order to use a compressor nebulizer a small volume handheld nebulizer is needed to nebulize the medication. These nebulizers come in disposable or reusable models. The disposable models are the type most people are familiar with and can be cleaned and reused for up to 1 week with proper cleaning.  The reusable models last a bit longer but even they need to be replaced about every six months.

In order for the patient to get the full benefit from their breathing medication, they must have a way to inhale the medication. Most nebulizers come with a mouthpiece or an aerosol mask which directly attachs to the top of the nebulizer. This delivery method frees up their hands and makes up for their inability to use the mouthpiece.


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