Most home medical equipment and supplies are covered by Medicare, Medi-Cal and/or most private insurances. Apollo HomeCare works with you in the complicated billing and reimbursement process to directly bill the appropriate plan.
In order to be covered, most durable medical equipment must be prescribed by a physician, found to be medically necessary, and then approved by the insurance company. Only then can we provide you with the equipment or supplies.​
Below are high level guidelines for how it works: 
  1. The customer must be seen by a physician that diagnosis and prescribes the need for a particular
    durable medical equipment or supply.
  2. After the customer completes their appointment with the physician, the prescription will be sent to
    Apollo HomeCare by the physician’s office or the customer will bring it to us.
  3. At this point, Apollo HomeCare will request the customer‘s insurance and billing information.
  4. In many casesbased upon the type of insurance and/or productApolloHomeCare may also need to 
    get a pre-authorization from the insurance company.
  5. Once the insurance company has reviewed the physician’s diagnosis and treatment, and agrees with 
    the findings, they will approve the coverage and use of the product or supplies.
  6. At Apollo HomeCare, we will do all of the necessary and complicated paperwork, and provide you 
    with the correct and highest quality product.  

The process is highly complicated with varying requirements for most products. For exact eligibility information, please stop by our office or contact us to discuss in more detail.