Hospital and homecare beds, or more appropriately named adjustable beds, are designed for patients with a medical need to have their body position changed frequently or the head of their bed to be elevated above 30 degrees. There are many reasons for needing such adjustable beds, from extreme weakness and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) to being bedridden (bed bound).

There are three adjustments on most hospital beds: 1) the head of the bed, 2) the foot of the bed, and 3) the height of the bed.

Manual Beds

On manual beds, all three adjustments are made with manual hand cranks at the foot of the bed. Each of the hand cranks adjusts one of the settings. Many insurance companies believe this is really all that is medically necessary for most homebound patients. If the patient is bed or chair confined, they are usually not left alone and are cared for by relatives and/or caregivers. However, these manual beds can be a nusaince for the family and/or nurse caring for the patient.

Semi-electric Beds

Semi-electric hospital beds are the most common bed used by medical equipment companies. Semi-electric hospital beds have one hand crank at the foot of the bed that adjusts the overall height of the bed. The foot and head of the bed adjust electrically with a hand control. If the patient has a diagnosis of severe weakness and/or a frequent need for an elevated head of the bed, Medicare and other insurance companies will generally cover its use.

Full-electric Beds

Full-electric beds are exactly that — fully electric. All three features can be adjusted electrically with a hand control. Full-electric beds, from an insurance company’s perspective, are very infrequently medically necessary. There is very little justification for an electrically powered bed height adjustment.

Many of the beds come with accessories such as over-bed tables and side rails in different styles (full-length to half-length models). At Apollo HomeCare Supply, we always provide a semi-electric bed and set-up side rails and encourage their use.

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